Mad for Monday

1. From Mel… Do you have a favorite 80’s song? it’s Holding Out For a Hero
2. From Luzja… What’s the biggest event in your life to date? hmm… accepting Christ, even though I was very young.
3. From Amy… What’s one more thing during your lifetime you would like to learn how to do well? hmm… I suppose learn greek
4. From Susan… what is your earliest childhood memory? playing in a kiddie pool in my gramma’s backyard
5. From LDH… What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? is this an english or an african swallow?
6. From Beverly and Rosie… Where, When and What is your most favorite memory? I’m not sure that I have a favorite memory.
7. From Shirl…Do you fit in? I don’t know, I’ve never checked.
8. From Sherle… Tell me your favorite recipe then go to Recipe Swap and share it with all of us! Chicken and Broccoli Fried Rice

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