Friday’s Feast

AppetizerWhat is one quality you really admire about yourself? I’m very kind, and a great reader, and I’m very passionate and clever and creative. I have great ideas. that was more than one.

SoupWhat kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? lately it’s been the Brilliant Brunette stuff. pretty good.

SaladDescribe your favorite movie scene. You know, the one that just gets to you every time you watch it. hmm… I guess I’d have to say the beginning of Princess Bride, with the narration about Buttercup and Wesley. One of Buttercup’s great pleasures was ordering him around. “As You Wish” was all he ever said to her. As time passed, she realized that when he said “As You Wish”, what he meant was “I Love You.”

Main CourseIf you were a veggie, which one would you be, and why? well, my favorite is broccoli, but I don’t think I’d be broccoli, I think I’d be… actually, I think I’d be a fruit.

DessertIf you could take a weekend trip within 100 miles of your current residence, where would you like to go? hmm. what’s 100 miles? let’s see. Vegas is too far. I think San Diego is too, but I’m not sure. the beach? the mountains? I guess those would both be in range. LA is too close. Oh, actually I just looked it up and San Diego is barely in range. So that’s where I’d go.

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