Photo Friday

My cousins visit, and Chloe changed Guinevere’s diaper.

My iPhone 4S arrived! It seemed like I’d been waiting so long with my 3GS.

Guinevere standing in her crib, eating pumpkin, and chewing on her cup of water.

On Saturday we had a family photoshoot. There I am getting my hair and makeup done and Guinevere in a tutu!


life rearranged

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Cindy Morris

    I LOVE your mixer!!! Awesome!!! And let me tell you happy iphoning!!! Its addicting!!! Make sure an get the instagram app! I’m Cindy 1962, its fun to follow and see others peeps pics!!!

    Happy friday

    1. Shannon Post author

      Thank you! I’m actually not new to the iPhone, I’ve had one since the original and my husband and I are iOS developers but I had the one from two years ago and just got the newest one. I will check out your Instagram.


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