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Thor at Disneyland!

We saw Thor at Disneyland this week. He started off with this fun introduction.

Then I got to take a picture with him.

20131106-0168Guinevere would not go up to him! This is not terribly surprising since he is pretty intimidating looking. We waited until everyone had finished and watched. Guinevere expressed interest in his cape. She said she had a pink cape and a blue cape. We tried to go up to him after everyone else had met him, but she still wouldn’t leave the stroller. Oh, well!


Meeting Frozen Characters


Anna and Elsa from Frozen are now at Disneyland! We met them on Wednesday. The first time we went it was just Anna by herself. 20131106-0094 20131106-0095 20131106-0100 20131106-0103

Here’s Olaf on top of their Meet & Greet. He animates and talks!20131106-0109

We went back later and saw Anna and Elsa together. I asked them to introduce themselves to Guinevere. Here’s a video of her showing them her nails.

20131106-0124 20131106-0125 20131106-0128 20131106-0135 20131106-0136 20131106-0137 20131106-0138 20131106-0139

I had to get in a picture with them too.20131106-0142

One more video.