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I’ve got my wedding dress!

I found it yesterday. I’m posting it only on LJ friends only so Jerrod won’t see it!

Pronovias Davis in Ivory.

I’m having a bit of post-dress anxiety, especially since it was the first store I went to, but I think I picked the right one. My two sisters and my mom and my sister’s friend all liked it best, and under the lace is dotted tulle so the lace looks dotted. My grandmother’s dress was dotted swiss.

More Pictures(click for full size):

Ring and iPhone

If you read our engagement story, you’ll know that Jerrod got a brand new iPhone. One of the first decisions I made after we were engaged was that I wanted an iPhone too. I spent the weekend deciding if I wanted an iPhone. I would eventually be moving to his cell phone plan anyway, so the question was iPhone or some other phone on AT&T. We stopped into an AT&T store to look at what phones they had, and nothing else was really too interesting. Tuesday night while I was babysitting, I finally realized that I wanted an iPhone. I previously had a pink ipod mini(first gen) and an 80gb iPod with video, and my phone was a windows mobile device. I still keep my mini around for the car, and usually listen to my big iPod while working and whatnot, it having all my podcasts and audiobooks and a big music selection on it. I figured I could basically combine my phone and my ipod mini’s functions into one gadget, with double the capacity of my mini.

I had already found a pink iPhone skin and case that I liked. We ordered the skin and case that night and Thursday night Jerrod brought me my new iPhone. After talking to my dad to make sure that nothing on my family’s plan got messed up, we activated my new phone. It was so quick and easy, it was honestly less than 20 minutes before I was able to both send and recieve calls AND my iPhone had already synced to my iTunes using the “iPhone” folder I had already made ready. I’ll make it short by saying that I’ve loved my iPhone.

On Saturday we got the email saying that my ring was ready for pickup, so we hurried to Tiffany to pick it up. It looks so much better at my size, and doesn’t fall off(of course). I took a picture of the ring on my hand in the car with my iPhone, and a whole set of pictures later with my ring and iPhone.

My ring

IMG_0639.JPG IMG_0646.JPG
more pictures

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First Week Engaged: Highlights for the week of September 8

Twitter Updates

shannonkay: my mom and Gramma were just talking to me for about an hour and a half. must get in the shower! (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: I am watching turtles while reading bridal websites. (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: @chrisbrogan but you can’t expect to die unexpectedly (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: Why aren’t there any good wedding/bridal podcasts? (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: I cry when I read hymnals (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: I almost forgot to remind my mom about my 37 doilies! (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: I’ve hit a goldmine with this dvd of the original turtles cartoon. One of the kids I watch already says his favorite turtle is Leonardo. (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: For the first time since I was about 8 years old, I’m entertaining the idea of getting my ears pierced (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: watching Newsies with my lunch (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: just got my first cpanel account moved to the new server! (via Twitter / shannonkay)

shannonkay: watching Gossip Girl pilot that was released free on iTunes (via Twitter / shannonkay)


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My Engagement

Jerrod proposed to me by twitter(what’s twitter?). Immediately after I got that twitter (I saw it via IM notification), Jerrod walked in the room with the ring box. I was completely speechless, but managed to actually vocalize the “yes”. I was so excited, I didn’t know what to do! He showed me that he had twittered on his brand new iPhone that I hadn’t seen yet. Jerrod also gave me a Wee Forest Folk figurine of a bride and groom.

You can still view the original twitters. Click the links for the question and my response. Here is a screen shot of the moment on twitter:

Twitter Proposal thumbnail

And of course, here are some pictures:

IMG_0620_4 IMG_0619_4 IMG_0609_4 IMG_0635_3 I got engaged!

more pictures

a quickr pickr post

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