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[Fanvid] Narnia – Be My Escape

This is a video I’ve been wanting to make since, like, before the first movie came out. All from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. My first HD video!

Find At: YouTube (HD)BAM
Download: HDMediumiPhone/iPod
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Song: Be My Escape
Artist: Relient K
Characters/Pairings: It mostly features the Pevensies and Aslan, but there are some other Narnians as well, such as Mr. Tumnus.


I’m getting the urge to involve myself in a new fandom.

I feel like getting into a show that already has an active fanbase. This is probably not good, since I don’t really need a new show to follow. I was starting a new book series which I am enjoying but suddenly I was like “I’m in a TV mood.” And I don’t want to watch something I’ve already seen, I want something new. New to me, at least. Something fun and exciting I can marathon through, like Star Trek or Doctor Who or even Legend of the Seeker.

Elbow in the Butter Dish

Earlier this evening, I was having dinner with my grandparents and I happened to put my elbow in the butter dish. I didn’t actually get my elbow in the stick of butter, it was a much reduced stick of butter, but I did get some butter on my elbow from the sort of butter residue on the dish. My first thought was the scene from Harry Potter in which Ginny sticks her elbow in the butter dish because she has a crush on Harry and is nervous.

My first reaction was, oddly enough, to rub it in. Now I’m comparing my elbows, and I’ve been thinking. Could ordinary butter be the solution to dry elbows?

Betty Botter Bought some Butter
“But,” she said “this butter’s bitter.”
“If I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter.”
So Betty Botter bought some better butter for her batter.

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Last night I was going through a box of old stuff, and I found, not only a Titanic calendar for 1999 and my Titanic Poster Book, but my copy of the great old Titanic Computer game, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. Yes, this was the game where you got to walk around the Titanic and everything.

I’ve ripped the two discs to my computer as ISOs so I won’t lose the discs or anything, and I plan on scanning the art/instructions that are on the cardboard envelope thing the game was in. I got this game like 8 years ago, so it will be interesting to see how it looks now. Now if I could only find my Titanic dinner music CD…