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Fresh From Twitter today

Just saw a man wearing a Charlie Brown shirt. You know, yellow with black squiggly.

Waiting for Jerrod (@ Barnes & Noble) http://4sq.com/5R8TU4

Can’t we just transport to our location today?

Going to watch #Glee now.

@TommyTshirt I have had it and it is amazing.

@stace0528 They’re in the same time zone for part of the year. I think AZ doesn’t observe daylight saving time?

Fresh From Twitter today

Working at MOPS. (@ Richfield Community Church) http://4sq.com/9GCWNF

I just became the mayor of Richfield Community Church on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/9GCWNF

@mindykaling Does that indicate your placement at the bar, like you’re in Lillith’s spot?

Wallace Shawn makes everything better. #gossipgirl

Looking forward to #BigBangTheory featuring evil @wilw tonight.

@ijustine Oh, I’ve been there before, it’s really good. I think I had a Bananas Foster cupcake there.

Fresh From Twitter today

@BoltClock We use our own iPhones for testing.

@OfficiallyAlly I think that totally counts. “staring” is part of any creative process.

@Zyber17 And what is beach food? Pizza maybe?

Taking Papa to an appointment. (@ St. Jude Health Care) http://4sq.com/bzafAi

Sounds like it’s raining pretty hard.

Shopping. (@ Trader Joe’s) http://4sq.com/6LcUmh

I just unlocked the “Adventurer” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/bQxYjj

Love the big target. (@ Target) http://4sq.com/5o6GlT

Fresh From Twitter today

Yeah, were’ going to need a second #iPad.

@stace0528 it has wifi but there is a version coming soon that will have a mobile broadband option as well. It’s definitely made for web.

My first tweet from the iPad. @jerrodputman had it for about an hour while I picked my aunt up. http://tweetphoto.com/17010062

FedEx just came with our iPad dock!

It’s here! #ipad http://twitpic.com/1cxzfy
twitpic photo

iPad is here!!! We are about to open the box. #ipad

iPad, please come. Thanks.

The sooner I sleep the sooner my iPad comes.

It’s been today for an hour now. iPad, come please.

If we drove to our iPad’s location, do you think UPS would let us have it?