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Finally Fall

The calendar may not agree with me, but it’s September, it’s after Labor Day, and the kids are back in school. To me, that means it’s fall. Whoever decided when the seasons start is in my opinion wrong anyway. I mean, they don’t start winter until like December 21st, only a few days before Christmas. I’ve been looking forward to fall because it was such a busy summer, and it was so hot. Although I rarely associate weather with seasons, it has gotten alot cooler than it was in about July.

So I say, it’s fall. I am having trouble, though, making/choosing a new desktop wallpaper for my computer. I have a recently acquired and beautiful 20.1? widescreen LCD at 1680×1050 beautiful pixels. I just don’t like anything I’ve made so far and can’t decide what I want.

Also, I want to watch “back to school” themed movies or tv shows. I’ve already watched Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. What other good back to school type movies are there? I am considering Sky High. I also listened to the audiobook version of the Beverly Cleary book Ellen Tebbits the other day, a book that my first grade teacher read to the class, and it was just delightful.

Back in California

I just got back from the midwest last night. The visitation was on Sunday and the funeral was on Monday. When we got to the church on Sunday, there were monarch butterflies everywhere. Grandma Neva loved butterflies.

I made a slideshow of pictures of grandma Neva, one section just from the G. Neva Convention to Blessed Assurance, and then it went to a video my dad took when we were there in July where he asked what she would like to tell her grandchildren, then it went to another section of slideshow of just various pictures of her, older than from this summer, and set it to This is Our Father’s World. Everyone really liked it, and I’m glad I was able to do something to honor her memory.

The message that the pastor gave was beautiful, and I spent some time talking to him while we were at the dinner they had afterwards. He was a great guy and he loved Grandma Neva.

One of the men in the church, the technical sort of guy offered to make copies of the slideshow for the people in the town who wanted one so I gave him my first copy, since I still had the files saved on my laptop so I could just make other copies.

We had to clean out her apartment, and we found all kinds of really cool treasures like her High School graduation picture(1929!) among other very old pictures and notebooks with her jottings and clip-outs. I’ve taken those things home and I plan to archive them digitally. The neighbor, whose name is also Neva, oddly enough, and whose husband is the man who is making DVD copies offered to ship the rest of the photo albums for us, and also the rocking chair which belonged to Grandma Neva’s grandmother. My mom actually had a dream about that rocking chair.

She had beautiful handwriting and we couldn’t bear to throw out anything she had written on. And she wrote on everything. There would be an old envelope with an envelope and a bit of scripture on it.

When we went through her jewelry, I found that there was a locket with a picture of me as a baby in it. I thought that was special, because I didn’t see any lockets with anyone else’s pictures in them.


So, I’ve spruced a bit. I actually fixed the Archives so that the new ones are linked. I changed my mood theme to a nice Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants one. I added Gravatar support on comments. Gravatar is Globally Recognized avatar. It’s pretty neat as far as I’ve tried it. Set your own at gravatar.com I can imagine alot of sites supporting them soon. I tested mine and it works perfectly. You just put in the same email address you signed up with, and there you go. I also added some more fun smilies, of animals and characters and stuff. We’re also doing some sprucing at home now too. My grandmother has decided to get new carpet for the bedrooms. This is good, seeing as the carpet is 30 years old, green, and shag. I have a large rug over mine, so you don’t see most of it. This means, however that I have to clean my room and we’re going to have to take everything out. This is very overwhelming, as my room is small but packed with my bookshelves, tv, bed, desk, etc. However this also means that I’ll get to finally move in that other dresser that I’ve been thinking about. It’s sitting in my parents’ garage and it’s really long and white. I’d like to paint it and put it under my window and then I could set my tv and stuff on top of it where it is now, but more stable. Then I could move my DVD shelf over where the not very functional(drawers don’t open and close well) dresser is. Could I put my minifridge there too? I’m not sure. Maybe I need some sort of organizer thing there which would put a shelf over and stuff. There is much to consider.

My Disneyland Magic Moment

I was an Entertainment Host in the Character department for a couple years. I also grew up in the area going to Disneyland all the time.

In the character department, especially when it’s crowded, my first priority was always for my characters’ safety. There were guests that yelled at me because the line for Pooh was closed for the night, even after I explained that they would be out walking around again in 15 minutes.
But then there were days like this one. I was working at the Pooh Corner location, standing up by Pooh when a small girl and her mom came up. The girl was afraid to go up to pooh, one of those ones where she wanted to go up to him, but was afraid. Her mom went up to him first which often helps but she was still aprehensive. I asked if she wanted me to go with her. She nodded and we went a few steps before she stopped again. “Don’t you want to see pooh?” I asked her. She looked longingly up at him, like she almost thought she could, but then she gave a sigh and shook her head. “Okay,” her mother said. “Maybe next time.” And they started to walk away, but then the little girl turned around and ran back and hugged me instead.

Back in the Real World

After over a week in the Midwest visiting relatives, I’m back home in California. The G. Neva Convention was very successful, and we had 25 meeting in the tiny town of Ledyard, Iowa where my great grandmother, Neva, lives. We were able to enjoy each other’s company after not having met some for years, had lunch together, and spoke about what Grandma Neva meant to us. We also took a big selection of group photos, everyone in their matching shirts.

After the Convention, we spent the night at a hotel in Blue Earth, Minnesota, home of the Jolly Green Giant, and the next morning I set out with my aunt Tana to Wisconsin where I would spend that week visiting with her family. It was a fun week, but I’m glad to be home! :)

Kids these days

Kids today compared to when you were a kid

I’ll be 22 in June. We always had a computer or two, at least at my grandparents’ house which is where I actually spent most of my time. Actually, I think they might still be in the closet somewhere. I wasn’t intune enough to know their specs at the time, but one was an IBM type with the yellow/black screen and a dot matrix printer that you could make banners on when someone had a birthday or came home with a new baby. The other was an apple that seemed to mostly play games, it had a green screen. My grandpa was an engineer.

I don’t know, I think that part of things like computers being incorporated into our lives is that we take them for granted. I mean, think of the things that we take for granted that people in past generations didn’t have? refridgerators, microwaves, etc.

I grew up and went to school in Orange County, CA

When I was little I’d play with dolls, barbies combined with other small toys like my little pony and quints. and when I was old enough I read. I read alot. I have two younger sisters.

I have a cousin whose 8. She’s my uncle’s daughter, and her mother started leaving them and other behavior like that when she was 2. Sidney(cousin) is a very smart girl, but she’s not always respectful. I think part of the problem is that my grandma always lets her get away with things. She says it’s because Sidney always has to go where she’s told and doesn’t have a choice. She’s a kid, that’s what you do when you’re a kid. You go home when your parents say it’s time to go home. I don’t understand why she’s allowed to watch pet ER while we’re having dinner.

We first got internet access in I think 1995. Maybe early ’94. We got dial-up and I used netscape 3.0

when I see the jr high kids walking down the street after school, I think it looks about the same as when I was their age. I mean, styles have changed but there are some kids who dress younger, and some who try to dress older, like when I was their age.

But school seems to have changed. Even high school is different from when I left it. I graduated in 2001, and my younger sisters currently go to the high school I attended. There are more dress code rules. My freshman year in high school there were, like, three dress code rules. There are more graduation requirements. I was fortunate enough to graduate before Algebra 1 was required which is lucky because I failed the second semester of it like three times. There’s this test now that you have to pass to graduate, although my sister said she already took it and it’s easy. Even the policies for picking kids up from school are different. Now siblings can’t pick up students without a note from the parents. Or they call the parents for confirmation, even if they’re going home sick through the nurse’s office(that’s the one that seems silly to me. I mean, I’m on her emergency card. She went through the nurse, they called me to pick her up… you still need to talk to my mom?)

Vacation Again

Okay, I know I haven’t blogged in forever, like, since I was supposed to go on the cruise. I’m a bum, I know. But anyway, Now I’m at my best friend’s place. She moved to San Luis Obispo for school, and her birthday was this weekend. I went to Disneyland with she and her roommate and then I drove up with them. I’m going home tomorrow on the train. That’s exciting because I’ve never been on a real train before, just the Disneyland ones and stuff.


We’re supposed to be leaving for our cruise today, but Jerrod can’t find his birth certificate and now we can’t go! Yes, my boyfriend’s company is taking everyone on a cruise leaving today. A weekend cruise to mexico, and we were all set to go, I even have my boarding passes and everything. But if you don’t have a passport you have to bring your birth certificate, and he can’t find his. He was looking all last night and all this morning and now it’s 1pm and we were supposed to start boarding at 1:30.

I am so sad. We’d been looking forward to this since like last May. This was going to be my first cruise and we had an excursion booked to go see where they filmed Titanic, and It’s been raining like crazy here which is not normal, but I checked the weather and it’s not supposed to rain again all weekend. I got new pink luggage, and I’m all dressed in my new outfit, and now we’re not going.

OCC, Narnia, and Yard Sales

Well, Biola deferred me and Fullerton College had already started, so now I have to go to Orange Coast College(OCC) for this semester. Oh, well. I am really excited about the new Narnia movies coming out. C.S. Lewis is my favorite author, and I’m looking forward to Narnia figurines coming out 6 weeks before the movie too.
I was starting to clean my room today, and I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I’ll have a yard sale. I’ll sell my old magazines and shoes and kids’ meal toys and whatnot. I looked it up online, and there are lots of websites about this. Garage Sale Chick was particularly cute, and there are websites that index garage sales. Pretty good, huh?