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What is this wet stuff?

It’s raining really hard. I can’t even remember the last time I saw it rain this hard. There are huge puddles all over the place. I must say that driving in the rain in my mom’s car is alot easier than in mine. The wipers work, and it doesn’t leak and it isn’t as slippery. I found a raincoat in the hall closet, and I put it on. I think it’s my grandmother’s but it was pretty nice. A long heather purple coat with buttons and a tie. That’s about the only nice thing about rain.

Enough Excitement

There has been too much going on for so early in the day. My cell phone was already kind of broken, but it still kind of worked, but when Jerrod called me this morning and I tried to answer it it just broke. whatever had been keeping it actually functioning must have broken. Great. I had to look up his number from a gmail he’d sent with it inside one time when I’d left my phone somewhere. It was totally early, by the way. And I called him from the house phone. Then I called my dad to tell him about how completely broken my phone was now, and as soon as I was back in bed my grandma came in all frantic and said she needed my help but the proceeded to run out the front door. I figured the dog must have gotten out. I wasn’t dressed so I went back to put on some jeans and a sweatshirt over my pajama top. Then I had to run back to slip on shoes. I asked if belle got out, and she said she got belle but Daisy is missing. Daisy is my uncle’s dog who is big and yellow and has a bad hip. Oh dear. So I went down the street from a different direction and found her halfway down the street. She came, but followed her own path getting home. It’s too early for this stuff.


The other night, Jerrod was trying to make a character for his new mini-boss domain, and I was once again looking for a hack or plugin to use post icons in MT. We were both having little success when I suggested that we switch projects. So as it happened, I pixel painted a cute little flaming boss monster style guy for him, and he whipped up a nice little MT hack for me. Now I can use as many cute little icons as I want. I have never used custom favicons on my sites before. I don’t know why, I just haven’t, but I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be extremely simple and now you should be able to notice an icon of two little pink hearts in your address bar, bookmark list, or tab(if you’re using a browser with tabs of course).

Aught 5

First blog of Augt 5. I’m excited about being able to say it’s Aught 5. I hope I’m writing that out correctly. I spent a while thinking about it and guessed that it would indeed be aught because of course naught means, like, none or nothing, I googled it and dictionary.com confirmed my suspsion. I’m sure you’ll also notice that I’ve changed my blog’s style. I like to leave my decor up till New Years, so I had to take it down today. I’m still very much enjoying the corkboard theme, and It’s been fun changing the background pattern and colors as I think the corkboard looks great with all of them. I went with the hearts partially because when I went into target the day after Christmas they already had the Valentine’s Day merchandise out, and I can’t resist all the pink and heart-shaped stuff.

The Weather

Someone asked me how the weather was today. The weather? It seemed so strange to me. What is there to say? it’s not raining or anything. It’s just normal. I said. Jerrod said that California is really one of the only places you can say that. It seems normal to me. I always thought that talking about the weather was a joke from The Music Man. Surely there’s nothing to actually say, is there?

New Runt?

Okay, maybe I haven’t had the candy runts in a while. Yesterday at the orthodontist after I got my braces off they gave me this bag with candy and popcorn and stuff in it. There was a mini package of runts in it. I saw it just now, and I’ve always particularly enjoyed the banana runts so I opened it up. Now here’s the question; when did they add the blue runt? also, is it just me, or is the green runt now apple and the red one some other flavor?

Rhode Island – misleading

Last night I recieved a call from my mother, asking me if I knew that Rhode Island wasn’t really an island. I told her that yes, I did know that, and she was shocked. Apparently, she herself did not know. I explained to her that I knew that because it was one of the few states I could actually identify on my states test in fifth grade – it being the smallest. I told her that she never gets to make fun of me about my lack of geographical knowledge again. I don’t know why they call it Rhode Island, but I’m not sure why it has such a long name, being like half the size of orange county. I guess my mom thought it really was an island because the name is out in the ocean on the map, or something.

Ah, well. Californians are not known for their geographical prowess.

What’s this “weather” stuff about?

My grandmother just told me that our friend is in Florida and all the flights out are cancelled. Apparently there are, like, tornados and a hurricane. Now, I might point out at this time that I live in California. I know about tornados from The Wizard of Oz. I don’t really know what a hurricane is. Just wind and rain? that sounds like a pretty boring natural disaster when compared with, say, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Sidney Bo Bidney

Well, I’ve been watching my 7 year old cousin Sidney the past couple of days. well, nights, really. I took her home and put her to bed and got her up for school in the morning. My uncle went on a business trip for a few days. She’s pretty smart for a 7 year old, but she can also be pretty difficult. She’s very regimented due, I would expect, to living with her engineer father. So this morning I made her waffles the way she likes them and she got up but said she wasn’t hungry, I told her to get dressed, and when dressed she claimed that she still wasn’t hungry. She got her shoes and socks on and brushed her teeth and we left. When we were driving up to her school, right in front of it, on the street, she begins to say “I’m hungry”. Of course. I told her that it was too late, she missed breakfast. We were already in front of the school. She sat there whining for, like, 5 minutes saying that she was hungry before finally getting out and going into school.