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Meal Plan Monday

Many times a couple of days get changed on my meal plan. Last week almost every day was altered. But was it a fail? I still made dinner and I cleaned out the freezer a bit. Last week, this is what happened.

  • Monday
    • Planned: Butter Herb Italian Pasta with Ground Turkey, Broccoli
    • Reality: I realized the milk had expired. So instead of making a cream sauce a made a bake of pasta, ground turkey, and broccoli in creamy marinara topped with cheese.
  • Tuesday
    • Planned: Tacos, Corn
    • Reality: I discovered we needed to try not to go to the store this week if possible and alter things slightly. I clean out the freezer and bake Trader Joe’s chicken strips and Trader Joe’s garlic fries. We still had the corn and I added smoothies(strawberry/banana/pineapple juice).
  • Wednesday
    • Planned: Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Rice Pilaf
    • Reality: Still on my “don’t go shopping” challenge, I had no chicken. We hadn’t had the planned tacos so I still had the cooked meat for that in the freezer. I made a somewhat rice pilaf like stovetop taco rice one pan dinner with rice, ground beef, onions and corn, topped with sour cream and cheese, and we still had green beans.
  • Thursday
    • Planned: Macaroni & Cheeseburger*, Salad
    • Reality: The no-shopping challenge was ended and we needed something from the Apple store, so we had dinner at the mall food court.
  • Friday: Pizza

So we didn’t try the Macaroni & Cheeseburger last week. We’ll have to try again this week. Here’s what I’m hoping will happen.

  • Monday – Halloween! We are going to the “Block Party” at my friends’ church. There are supposed to be four gourmet food trucks there, so we will eat at the church.
  • Tuesday – Macaroni & Cheeseburger, Salad
  • Wednesday – Chicken, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
  • Thursday – Leftovers Fried Rice (whatever meat and veggies are available, I will put them in an egg fried rice)
  • Friday – Going to a community meetup, so I’m not making dinner.

Meal Plan Monday

It can be so hard to plan consistently!

  • Monday: Butter Herb Italian Pasta with Ground Turkey, Broccoli
  • Tuesday: Tacos, Corn
  • Wednesday: Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Rice Pilaf
  • Thursday: Macaroni & Cheeseburger, Salad*
  • Friday: Pizza

This is an experimental dish where we put macaroni and cheese on a cheeseburger. I have several versions of this I want to try. I’ve done a skillet type “cheeseburger macaroni”. This time I plan to try the straightforward macaroni and cheese on burger method. Crazy? perhaps.

Photo Friday

My cousins visit, and Chloe changed Guinevere’s diaper.

My iPhone 4S arrived! It seemed like I’d been waiting so long with my 3GS.

Guinevere standing in her crib, eating pumpkin, and chewing on her cup of water.

On Saturday we had a family photoshoot. There I am getting my hair and makeup done and Guinevere in a tutu!


life rearranged

Meal Plan Monday

Thursday and Friday’s meals from last week didn’t happen because on Thursday we went to Disneyland and on Friday I went shopping with my sister and just picked something up on the way home.

  • Monday – Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, Broccoli (I’m also bringing this dish to MOPS the next morning)
  • Tuesday – Spaghetti with Zucchini
  • Wednesday – Muffin Tin Cheeseburgers, Tater Tots, Salad
  • Thursday – Orange Chicken, Rice, Green Beans (but it’s also my sister’s birthday so I’m not sure if it’ll happen)
  • Friday – Homemade Pizza


What I Wore Wednesday

Thursday, Guinevere’s half birthday!
Shirt: Caslon from Nordstrom, Shorts: Old Navy, Flip Flops: Old Navy
Guinevere’s shirt and shorts are both Carters(I think).

Friday. Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Hudson, Flip Flops: Old Navy

Shirt: This great shirt with all 11 Doctors from Doctor Who on it was one of the two shirts I got from my TeeFury grab bag. Two totally random shirts and both were Doctor Who themed. Score!
Jeans: Joe’s Jeans,
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Guinevere’s onesie: Circo, Pants: Carter’s, Socks(that look like shoes): Baby Loopies

Missed Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday. Shirt: Caslon from Nordstrom, Shorts: Old Navy, Flip Flops: Old Navy
Guinevere’s shirt and pants: Carter’s, hand me down

Shirt: Caslon from Nordstrom, Shorts: Hudson, Shoes: Old Navy, In Pocket: white iPhone 3GS, to be replaced as soon as the new one arrives!
Guinevere’s outfit: Carter’s

pleated poppy

What I Wore Wednesday

As a new mom with a baby, it’s really easy to stay in your pajamas all day and forget to brush your hair.

I’m going to start doing “What I Wore” to help myself get dressed and looking decent daily, and figure out what I want in the way of new clothes. I’m trying to find my “grown up self” style.


Shirt: Caslon from Nordstrom, Pants: 7 for all mankind, flip flops: Old Navy Guinevere’s onesie: Old Navy, baby shower gift


Slept through church!
Shirt: Caslon from Nordstrom, Shorts: Hudson, Flip Flops: Old Navy


Shirt: Target, Pants: Joe’s Jeans, Flip Flops: Old Navy
Used my camera’s timer for the first time Monday, the camera is actually hanging by the strap!

Tuesday – Picture fail. It was my best outfit of the week too! But it was our first day of MOPS and I never got a picture taken.


Shirt: Caslon from Nordstrom, Shorts: Hudson, Flip Flops: Old Navy

Doing this week, really only a half week has made me realize how the same most of my clothes is right now. I could use some more interesting shirts. Many of my pre-pregnancy shirts aren’t quite fitting since I’m nursing, and some are just too much trouble to nurse while wearing.

pleated poppy

Meal Plan Monday

Ahoy! Trying to get back to regular posting and it’s Meal Plan Monday.

Monday – Talk Like a Pirate Day! – Pirate Hat Pot Pies
Tuesday – Baked Penne
Wednesday – Chicken Stir Fry with Pea Pods
Thursday – Guinevere’s Half Birthday! – Haven’t decided yet, but I want to do something fun.
Friday – Breakfast for Dinner

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday


  1. Monday – Pesto Tortellini (Trader Joe’s refrigerated, was in the freezer), green salad.
  2. Tuesday – Chicken and Rice; Grilled chicken, rice made in the rice cooker, and whatever vegetable we have. Might try making the pea pods again, steaming them on top of the rice.
  3. Wednesday – Breakfast for Dinner; French toast with the leftover homemade Challah bread I have in the freezer. Probably scrambled eggs, not sure what else.
  4. Thursday – Chicken Caesar Salad; Leftover grilled chicken, romaine, spinach, Caesar dressing, etc. Serve with garlic toast.
  5. Friday – Pizza on the Grill