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Project Mouse: The Local Way

Inspired by Britt of Britt-ish designs‘ “Project Mouse” stuff and of course the “Project Life” trend, I’ve been doing a Project Mouse that’s a bit more like Project Life. Since I’m a local, I don’t go to Disneyland on vacation, I go for a couple hours, sometimes weekly. I take lots of pictures but I never make a big vacation “album” or anything.

My idea is to do a page per visit, similar to the page per week I would do for project life. Some visits needed a two page spread. Actually, I found some visits, like my daughter’s birthday, needed a third page. I’ve found that if I was having trouble getting everything on the page sometimes I just need to add a page and it’s amazing how quickly I’m able to get it together.

One thing I’ve been doing is I try to make a psd file and put down a little journaling about what we did that day, and I’ll usually put the pictures in too. This is usually that night or the next day. Often I do it during Guinevere’s post-Disneyland nap! I don’t usually do anything else with it right away, but when I’m ready to create, everything is right there and I haven’t forgotten the details of the day.

Here are the pages I’ve made so far.

^This is the first page I made for “Project Mouse”

I’m hoping to be able to eventually backtrack to Guinevere’s first trip to Disneyland. I know she would love looking at a book of all of her days at Disneyland.

Wedding Scrapbook

Now that my first anniversary seems to be coming at high speed I’m looking at how very few of my pictures I’ve scrapbooked. I had like three pages finished. To be fair, I had several more partially done pages that had pictures placed but no text or decorations or anything. I’m still not even to the ceremony yet, but here are some more.

Wedding: Getting Dressed Something New Bridal Party Sisters Happy Bridesmaids

Give Him My Heart

I’ve been scrapping away this week, and this is my favorite one so far. All of the elements I used are originals and I really love the photo. I was going through scanning a bunch of old pictures, and I found this one of me from Christmas 1984. I’m playing in a nativity set, but you could probably tell that. The text is from a children’s solo I had in the church Christmas musical when I was like 8.