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So, I’ve spruced a bit. I actually fixed the Archives so that the new ones are linked. I changed my mood theme to a nice Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants one. I added Gravatar support on comments. Gravatar is Globally Recognized avatar. It’s pretty neat as far as I’ve tried it. Set your own at gravatar.com I can imagine alot of sites supporting them soon. I tested mine and it works perfectly. You just put in the same email address you signed up with, and there you go. I also added some more fun smilies, of animals and characters and stuff. We’re also doing some sprucing at home now too. My grandmother has decided to get new carpet for the bedrooms. This is good, seeing as the carpet is 30 years old, green, and shag. I have a large rug over mine, so you don’t see most of it. This means, however that I have to clean my room and we’re going to have to take everything out. This is very overwhelming, as my room is small but packed with my bookshelves, tv, bed, desk, etc. However this also means that I’ll get to finally move in that other dresser that I’ve been thinking about. It’s sitting in my parents’ garage and it’s really long and white. I’d like to paint it and put it under my window and then I could set my tv and stuff on top of it where it is now, but more stable. Then I could move my DVD shelf over where the not very functional(drawers don’t open and close well) dresser is. Could I put my minifridge there too? I’m not sure. Maybe I need some sort of organizer thing there which would put a shelf over and stuff. There is much to consider.

New Look

I haven’t blogged in so long. But I have decorated my blog for Christmas. I’ve had the Christmas layout ready since before Thanksgiving. I stayed with the corkboard style, because I still really like it, but I went for as if I was decorating the layout I already had. Changed the pushpins to red, different coloring and background, and a bit of scripture. That’s a bit of John 1:14, in case you were wondering. I love the first chapter of John, and I especially love to read those first 18 verses at Christmas. You’ve probably noticed that I also changed the music on my radio.blog to a careful selection of Christmas music. Those are some favorites, and I hope everyone enjoys them.

Corkboard Layout

I’m not a layout changing all the time kind of a girl. I get things how I like them and I tend to keep them like that for a while. Today I made a spiffy new layout. The inspiration – a corkboard. I saw this tutorial and thought it looked like a fun idea. I did it a little differently, and I think it came out cute. But how will I put my title on? I wondered. I googled “push pin tutorial” and found a really nice one for Photo Impact. I used the concept in PSP, though and came up with the header. I made the background based on the stripes of my bedspread, and I’m really happy with the results.

blog roll, cat cam

I think that blogrolling was down for a while today, because for part of the day, my rolls were gone, or had an error. Anyone else notice this? It seems to be back, anyway. I made the tagboard shorter because it took up so much room and, like, no one left notes on it.
In other events, I’ve added the Cat Cam to the right, starring my kitty Alice. Cat Cam is currently featuring Alice playing with my roommate’s fish tank. Don’t worry, there were no fish in it yet.
My aunt Tana is coming to visit, she’s flying in tonight. She lives in wisconsin now with her family, which is tragic of course. She and her husband and kids are coming to visit for like 10 days. I thought I would need to go pick them up at the airport as the flight comes in at midnight and it would take two cars anyway, but I guess they got a shuttle so we don’t have to pick them up at all. They have three kids, Kevin, Kayla, and Kendra whose ages range from 4 to 7, so their visit should be interesting.

coding, coding

Well, this morning I met Erin at the very early hour of 8am, at the starbucks by her dad’s house. We talked over double mochas and then we went to Kohl’s which is across the street. It was a fairly successful shopping trip. I found a shoe shopping purse, a supergirl watch and supergirl boyshorts and tank. Then we browsed at Borders but didn’t by anything. Apparently the new Sophie Kinsella book comes out tomorrow.
Also, I didn’t blog all day until now because I decided that I wanted to start using wordpress in my blog, rather than fusion news which is what I currently use, if you wanted to know. I installed it and all, but I got so confused about the template system, that I decided to stick with this for now. I think I’m still going to dabble in it, and maybe one day I’ll move to it. But I do realize how much I enjoy the flexibility of this script. it’s really very nice.

Monday Madness!
1. What was your favorite TV show as a child? my favorite children’s show was probably Mr. Roger’s but I think my favorite show in childhood was Full House

2. What show did you hate? I can’t remember any show that I hated, but then if I didn’t like it I probably didn’t watch it.

3. What show did your family gather around the TV to watch? hmm. I guess Lois and Clark, though that was more when I was jr high age

4. What show is currently your favorite? Smallville

5. What show do you hate now? pretty much all reality shows, especially those involving high school or someone getting married at the end, and, like, charmed. I don’t watch charmed of course, but just the opening and the trailers irk me.


Today, Jerrod was supposed to come over, but he had to work. He’s coming over now, but of course it’s not quite the same. But oh well. I went to my favorite Chinese resturaunt today, and I picked up my order and the lady said she should have known it was me because I ordered cream cheese wontons. She asked if I cook and I told her that I make good homemade macaroni and cheese – the from scratch kind. And she seemed pretty surprised, and asked about it, so I actually told her how to make it, generally of course. lol. But tragedy struck later this afternoon when the dogs ate the rest of my fried rice, which was most of it, as I don’t eat that much of it at a time. So now I’m looking forward to Del Taco when Jerrod gets here rather than the leftovers I would be having. Oh, well.
I made some changes to the blog page today. I added a “members” section to the right and I joined a few webrings and such. Should be good. I also added a blinkies page down in the Shannon section. It opens as a popup.
I made a whole lot of Winamp skins last night and today. I made S/S ones, and a beach one out of my photos, an Anne one, and some disney ones, and even a veggietales one. I think I’m going to add a skins section to my fanart site, and put them up there. I also have alot of Narnia skins and a Princess Diaries one that I’ve made.


Well, I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been setting up my blog on this new, seperate page. which is of course, this lovely plaid. I technically should be brushing my hair as Jerrod’s already on his way, but here I am trying to get in a quick blog instead. I spent a while picking out neat scripts and installing the currently, quote, and calendar. Hey wait, I just noticed that it’s leap year! good thing I installed that calendar.  I’m a little dissapointed though because I can’t seem to get the mood addon for Currently to work.

Except now I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of the site. I guess I’ll get associates and have more tutorials and things. maybe I’ll post on roxydoll to see if anyone wants in on the project. I can give them their own subdomains for their blog too if they would like.

So anyway, today we’re going to see The Passion and probably play some more games and whatnot. speaking of which, I really should be going to get ready.