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Wedding Scrapbook

Now that my first anniversary seems to be coming at high speed I’m looking at how very few of my pictures I’ve scrapbooked. I had like three pages finished. To be fair, I had several more partially done pages that had pictures placed but no text or decorations or anything. I’m still not even to the ceremony yet, but here are some more.

Wedding: Getting Dressed Something New Bridal Party Sisters Happy Bridesmaids

Got My Dress!

My dress came in to the shop this week and I went to pick it up and drove it straight to the alterations place to get it fitted. Only 3 weeks to go!

We couldn’t take pictures when I bought it, so these are my first pictures of me in it.

Friends Only so my fiance won’t see it!

I’ve got my wedding dress!

I found it yesterday. I’m posting it only on LJ friends only so Jerrod won’t see it!

Pronovias Davis in Ivory.

I’m having a bit of post-dress anxiety, especially since it was the first store I went to, but I think I picked the right one. My two sisters and my mom and my sister’s friend all liked it best, and under the lace is dotted tulle so the lace looks dotted. My grandmother’s dress was dotted swiss.

More Pictures(click for full size):

Color Scheme Inspiration

I started picking color schemes early on. I needed wedding colors, kitchen colors, bathroom and bedroom colors. Some of my initial choices needed rethinking, but some have been successful. I’ve created inspiration boards for my themes.

Wedding colors – pink and aqua (particularly light aqua[pool/ocean] and dark pink)

Wedding - Pink and Aqua

Kitchen Colors – Red and Pink

Pink and Red Kitchen

My kitchen color choice of red and pinkĀ  has been working great. I’ve been seeing lots of cool pink and red kitchen stuff(and hearts!). This is a pretty good thing since I picked out a red toaster oven which is currently at Jerrod’s apartment months ago, so everything should go together nicely.

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